Shrine Maiden Ch.13

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 13

Shopping (Part 2)


「I’m hungry…」


The trial that is shopping is over. We all put our bags into the back of the car then returned to the mall to eat.


It’s already past 1pm at this point.


Even me, who had breakfast late, is hungry. These girls are tough.


「What do you want to have for lunch?」




I say the name of a certain famous hamburger chain.


「Well, you can eat that whenever you want. In addition, you had hamburger steak yesterday…」


Yuna said unhappily.


「Hamburgers are different from hamburger steak. And there were no hamburgers in the other world.」


Yuna has no idea how it feels to not be able to eat junk food for an entire year!


In the other world most food had very little seasoning. Though there were lots of delicious things, I unexpectedly missed junk food a lot.


I want to eat a hamburger!


「… Well then, shall we go to the food court?」


We all agree with mom’s proposal. At the food court we can each eat whatever we like, so it’s convenient.


As today is a holiday, the food court is considerably crowded, so we decided to have mom secure a spot while we both get the food.


『This food court is set up like the stands during a festival! Everything seems so delicious… What kind of dishes are they?』


『This is…』


I make my way around the food court while answering Alicia’s question. I’ve already decided on a hamburger for today, but next time I’ll let Alicia decide what we eat.


I grasped the Noguchi-san that I got from mom and moved triumphantly towards the hamburger shop. (TN: Noguchi-san refers to the 1000 yen bill that has a picture of Hideyo Noguchi on it.)


… However, I may have been a little too high spirited.


Not paying attention to what was in front of me, I collided with someone in front of me.


「… Wa, my bad.」


When I looked up at the people I ran into, the other party was a group of 3 men.


「Hey, look…」


「What? Is this girl a foreigner? Her hair is white and she’s super cute.」


「… absolutely.」


「It is so. Hey, with us — would you like to go to karaoke? We’ll treat you…」


… What to do.


It seems I’ve gotten involved in something troublesome.


『Ikuto-san, it seems that these people are unskilled and don’t know how to fight. If you use an ice spear you can beat them in a single moment…』


Using the common sense of the other world, Alicia suggests that we eliminate the enemy.


『If we do such a thing, they will die. To kill a person is a serious crime in this country.』


On top of that, if I were to use magic, this place would be thrown into an uproar.


『It’s fine! The place where the ice lance pierces will freeze instantly, they won’t die from blood loss.』


… I’m going to act like I didn’t hear that.


Even if it’s against these types of people, I’d rather not stand out in a place like this. If possible, I’d like to just wait until someone who noticed the disturbance calls a security guard.


「… I’m sorry, I’m here with my family.」


「Just tell them you decided to play with friends! We will take you home after we’re done. In addition, I’m still in pain from where you hit me just now… It’s possible that I may have broke something.」


If you broke a bone you wouldn’t be so calm and composed.


Ah, this is troublesome. My stomach is empty, I wish I could just leave already…


As I was thinking that, a voice granted me salvation.


「Hey, you guys… What you’re doing to that child is shameful.」


It was a familiar voice,  turning to look at the person and was shocked by who I saw.




It was someone who I had known since preschool, Koujiro Souta — It was my first time meeting him since I fell off the ferry during the school trip.


「…Nn? You, do you know me? Well, it’s fine. This fellow is my companion, so can you leave now.」


「You… is this a joke!?」


「Wait a second. That’s Souta, the raging wolf of Hira High.」


「The raging wolf of Hira High — You’re saying he’s the one that beat up that gang by himself!?」


「This is bad, we should leave.」


Souta, since when were you called by a second name. You were just a normal student until last year… And what do they mean by you beating up a gang.


「… Che, let’s go.」


The 3 people clicked their tongues and moved away.


… Yare Yare.


「Thank you for helping me.」


I thank Souta.


「Don’t worry about it. Even so, why do you know my name… Have we met before? No, it can’t be that. It would be impossible for me to have forgotten a girl like you.」


「That is, Yu… Ane has talked about you.」 (TN: Ane = older sister)


「… is that so, it probably wasn’t anything good. Because people only say bad things about me, it would be better for you to not associate with me.」


… You, since when did you pretend to be a bad character? I thought you graduated from being a chuunibyou a long time ago.


「Souta… San, I heard you were a good person. So it’s fine… Desu.」


While trying to not talk like I’ve known him for a long time, my words come out rather suspiciously. However, I can’t talk about my situation in a place like a shopping mall.


「Well then, since my family is waiting I’m going to go and buy a hamburger… Thank you for helping me.」


I turn and move towards the hamburger shop with a light trot.


… I’ve taken a considerable amount of time. My family’s probably worried.


Apparently Souta was also going to the hamburger shop, and queued up behind me.


As my turn comes, I go over to the counter to order.


「I’ll have fries and cola with the Teriyaki Burger L set! And, I don’t want any pickles on the hamburger, thank you!」


It was the same order I always made.




My name was called… Turning around, Souta was looking at me with a strange look.

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