Shrine Maiden Ch.10

Here is chapter 10.

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When I Returned From Another World I Was A Silver Haired Shrine Maiden: Chapter 10

At The End Of The First Day



「By the way, onii-chan. Is there any magic like telepathy?」


Unexpectedly, Yuna asked me such a question.


「Nn? There is.」


In the foundations of magic such a thing exists.


The conversations I have with Alicia in my head are an application of it.


「Well then, isn’t it possible for us to talk with Alicia-san using it?」


「Well, if it’s possible it would be convenient…」


『It won’t work. I can’t move your body or use magic power.』


「It seems like it’s impossible. The current Alicia can’t use magic.」


「If onii-chan uses magic, then can’t you relay Alicia-san’s words to me using telepathy?」


『What do you think, Alicia?』


『Certainly… It may be possible using that method.』


「… Wait a second, I’ll try it.」


I tweaked the magic a bit so that I could forward Alicia’s voice.


After that, I just need to cast the magic on the other person…


『Ah~, Can you hear me~』


「Oh!? I heard a voice in my head! Though it’s the same voice as onii-chan, it’s Alicia’s cute voice!」


『Such a thing, to keep saying i’m cute…』


『If you try to speak in your head you should be able to talk with your thoughts as well.』


『Ah – Test, Test… Oh, this is really convenient.』


「I only have to use the magic formula when starting the communication. Because the amount magic to maintain it isn’t a big burden, I think it’s fine to keep it going all the time.」


『Thanks to Yuna-san I can talk now! Thank you so much!』


『I’m also glad that I can talk with Alicia-san!』


「If I switch who is connected, you will also be able to talk to others in a one on one. However, if you are talking with an individual I can’t also use the magic to talk with other people since I can only make one line, although, I think I may be able to make a single line that connects all the members.」


「When the two of us are talking do you also hear what we are saying?」


「I could tell that you were speaking, but could not understand the contents. I don’t want to hear things I shouldn’t.」


「Can we beleive you onii-chan…? I would despise you if you decided to eavesdrop.」


「Yes, please believe me.」


「Well then, may I talk with Alicia-san for a while?」


「I understand.」


After that, it seemed that the two talked for a while.


「Onii-chan, can you switch the line so that me, Alicia and mama can talk?」


「Although it can be done, I’m getting left out…」


「There are things we have to confirm about onii-chan’s body. Therefore, please.」


「I get it.」


『Ikuto-san, I’m sorry.』


「It’s fine, I’ll just keep watching anime while you talk.」


「… If you’re feeling lonely, shall I hug you from behind?」


You’re just looking for an excuse to hug Alicia.


「I don’t need it.」


I picked up the DVD player’s remote.


… then I watched the several episodes that had played while I was asleep.


※ ※ ※


Once they finished talking, I brushed my teeth then went to my room on the second floor.


Although it’s still early in the evening I’m pretty sleepy, this is because I got accustomed to sleeping at sunset in the other world.


It’s bothersome for me to turn on the lights, so I just dive into the bed.


Laying on my back, I reflect on what happened during the day.


I thought about the final battle with the Demon Lord, my return from that world, me becoming Alicia, and how I finally managed to reunite with my family. Then, about when I saw Alicia’s body in the bath…


「No matter how you think about it, there was just way too many events…」


I yawn while thinking about the events. I was suddenly hit with a large amount of fatigue.


「Fua… I’m really tired.」


When I close my eyes and start to fall asleep, I hear a voice in my head.


『Ikuto-san, thank you for your hard work today.』


It was the voice of Alicia whom I had become used to hearing today.


「Nn, Alicia…」


『I know you’re sleepy, sorry. But I wanted to thank you for today… Thank you so much.』


「It’s alright. Alicia is also tired… How was it, meeting my family. Was it fun?」


『Yes, they are very warm and loving people. Everyone was so kind… I understand that they really care about Ikuto-san.』


Alicia was separated from her parents when she was a child, and was raised as a shrine maiden. Therefore, she doesn’t really understand what it’s like to have a family, I remember her saying that while laughing.


「… Mom already said this but, Alicia, you’re already part of the family. Look, Alicia and I are going to be together until we die… Therefore, I want you to rely on me without hesitation. Every one of us cares about Alicia.」


『… Is that so. I’m very glad that you accepted me… I will never forget it.』


Alicia finished her mission and came to Japan while losing everything. Therefore, I want my family to be people she can rely on.


「… Well then, we should sleep now.」


『Ikuto-san, good night.』


「…Aah, good night… Alicia.」


I close my eyes as I say that.


Tomorrow, my father is supposed to return from overseas.


It seems that everyone will go shopping before that, tomorrow will be very busy.

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