We’re Back!

Edit: Some people may still be seeing the coming soon page of doom. This should (TM) dissappear once my host stops sending out the cached version of the homepage / everything has a chance to update. You can currently get around this page by using Ctrl + F5 whenever you see it to pull the latest version of the page from the server.

So, as you’ve probably noticed, the site has been down for a few hours both today and yesterday.

It all started with me getting reports of 500 internal service errors yesterday. These seemed to be intermittent and didn’t really seem to have a root cause. Doing basic troubleshooting, I pretty much determined that at some point one of my plugins had corrupted my WordPress directory or changed permissions somewhere in it such that it wasn’t allowing clients to access a php file.  After going through all the options I could think of to try and fix it, including restoring the site to a backup from 4 days ago, I decided that it would just be easier to start from scratch and remake the website.

So here we are a few hours later with a, hopefully, working website.

Some settings still need to be adjusted to get back to what they used to be, but for the most part everything should work.

If you see anything that isn’t working properly or is out of place, or if you get any errors when trying to access the site, please send me an email at contact@ and I’ll try and get it fixed.