Status Update (2018/08/29) Poll Results + Next Translations

The results of the poll are in.

In first place, with a rather massive lead, Astarte’s Knight.

In second place, Murabito Desu Ga Nani Ka?

With the remaining novels coming in forth, fifth, and sixth place.


So, what does all this mean?

Starting some time this week, or possibly next week if I get really lazy, I’ll be releasing chapters of both Astarte’s Knight and Murabito Desu Ga Nani Ka.

That’s right, I’ll be picking up both of them.

The current plan for these two series is to release at least one chapter of each per week, leaving plenty of wiggle room to release more if I get invested in a part the story.

Other than that, Shrine Maiden will be continuing like normal, with me, attempting to, release daily chapters.


That’s it for the update. If you have any questions / concerns, leave a comment below and I’ll try and answer them.


Until later,


Help Choose My Next Translation (Poll)

Hello everyone.

As you probably are already aware, over the past few months I have been looking for another series to translate concurrently with Shrine Maiden. Although I have been given a lot of good suggestions in the comments, most, if not all of them, were series that I would rather translate after I finished Shrine Maiden due to them containing similar themes. As such, I’ve decided that I would go through my reading list and pick out a set of novels that I believe deserve a translation and, for the most part, have been dropped by their translators.

The following 5 series are the ones I’ve come up with.

The Different World with the Red Star

Unmotivated Hero’s Tale (WN)

Astarte’s Knight

Villainess Brother Reincarnation

Murabito Desu Ga Nani Ka?

If you have any preference for which of them you would like translated, please select your choice in the poll below.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.